‘Man Tries To Join Women’s Golf Tour’

More of the lunacy that is killing women’s sports…

“Less than a week after missing out on advancing through Stage 1 of the LPGA Qualifying Tournament, golfer Hailey Davidson addressed the wave of backlash he received for his attempt to become the first ‘transgender woman’ to earn his tour card…

“Davidson’s bid last week in Rancho Mirage, Calif., was his second attempt at Q-School, and it wasn’t even as successful as last year’s turn in Palm Springs when he made it to the fourth and final round but missed advancing to Stage 2 by four strokes. This year, Davidson missed the 54-hole cut by a shot after rounds of 70-76-73. But national news reports following second-round action last week elevated attention to Davidson’s story, setting off a firestorm…

“Born in Scotland, Davidson moved to the U.S. with his family in 1997 and was a self-professed “golf nerd” by the time he was 13… Davidson…played on scholarship for the men’s team at Wilmington (Del.) University, an NCAA Division II school, before transferring to the men’s team at Christopher Newport (Div. III) in Virginia. But a deep depression eventually spurred a personal reckoning, and Davidson began the process of ‘transitioning’ on Sept. 24, 2015, a date he has tattooed on his right forearm.

“After not touching a club for more than two years, Davidson began playing again for fun and rekindled his passion for the game. He landed a job in the golf industry, working for NBC’s Peacock division under the umbrella of Golf Channel, and began jumping through the required hoops to compete in USGA championships and other professional tournaments.

I dealt with the Tour directly for over four years before finally meeting all of the necessary criteria to be able to play professionally”,

he wrote Wednesday…

“Davidson has enjoyed some success on the professional level, winning his first professional title on the NWGA (National Women’s Golf Association) tour in May 2021. He is believed to be the first ‘trans woman’ to win a pro tournament in the U.S., and he followed up three months later by becoming the second ‘trans’ golfer – after Bobbi Lancaster in 2013 – to play in the first stage of the Q-School.

“Despite not advancing in Q-School last week, Davidson did earn Epson Tour status for 2023, as LPGA rules dictate that any player who shoots better than 88 in all the first three rounds earns status on the developmental tour. However, Davidson points out status does not mean entry into tournaments, but he’s prepared to stay the course.

“…In order to compete against these amazing female athletes, I will need to continue to work hard on my game, which I fully intend to do.”

“Davidson also called out the ‘dehumanizing’ impact of the current debate over ‘transgender’ athletes.”

{The debate is not what’s “dehumanizing”; it’s the Frankenstein approach to human sexual organs…}

–‘Hailey Davidson addresses backlash after second attempt at LPGA card’,

Lisa Antonucci, NBC Sports, Aug. 28, 2022


Feature Image: Orlando Sentinel

(Photo – NBC Sports)


“A golfer is poised to become the first ‘transgender’ ‘woman’ to earn a Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour card after beating much of his competition in the first two qualifying rounds. ‘Hailey’ Davidson, 29, had a strong finish in the first two rounds of the first stage of the LPGA and Epson Tour Qualifying School in Palm Springs this week.

“Davidson, a Scotland native who lives in Florida, shot a 70 in the first round at the Shadow Ridge Golf Club in Palm Desert California, on Thursday, and hit a 76 during the second round on Friday, Fox News reported. According to the LPGA’s rules, any {female} player who shoots under 88 after all three rounds will earn a 2023 Epson Tour Status, the official qualifying tour for the LPGA…

“The LPGA Tour had removed its ‘female at birth‘ requirement back in 2010.

“Davidson last competed as a male golfer in 2015, after which, he began hormone therapy treatments and underwent ‘gender reassignment’ surgery in 2021… While failing to make qualifiers that year, Davidson stayed competitive in other {women’s} tournaments, ending one match just three shots behind 2010 U.S. Women’s Open champ Paula Creamer.

The majority of Davidson’s time has been spent competing on the East Coast Women’s Pro Golf Tour, winning three of the last five matches before the summer qualifiers.

“Although the top male golfers can typically hit the ball further than their female counterparts, Davidson claims that the majority of criticism about him competing in the women’s circuit is ‘transphobic’ rather than a real dialogue over the sport.

“Davidson said that after his transition, he now hits the ball 15 mph slower.

{Unverified by any independent source…}

I’ve seen that it’s not about protecting women’s sports or me having an advantage, it’s just that you don’t like ‘trans’ people‘,

Davidson said of his detractors while speaking on the “Like It Is” podcast…

“Davidson’s expected success in the first round comes amid a culture war in America over regulations in allowing ‘transgender’ athletes to compete in women’s sports. Although professional bodies like the LPGA and PGA set up their own rules and regulations, debates have erupted across the country over athletes competing in high school and college.

“The issue took center stage this year with UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas, who began competing in women’s collegiate swimming a year-and-a-half after ‘transitioning’ {See below}.  Thomas went on to break several women’s records, much to the dismay of several of his teammates, and the NCAA and US Swimming bodies were criticized for allowing Thomas to compete.

“Professional competitive swimming association FINA has since effectively banned ‘trans’ ‘women’ from competing in the sport, by saying they must have begun to ‘transition’ before puberty kicked in, which is illegal or almost impossible to do across most of the US.

“By the summer, 18 states had outlawed ‘transgender’ students from competing in girls’ sports. One notable example is Ohio, which passed a bill requiring students accused {suspected} of being ‘transgender’ to provide a doctor’s note detailing their sexual anatomy, their testosterone levels, and their genetic makeup.

“In New Jersey, Republican lawmakers proposed the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act”, which would require female student-athletes to verify the nature of their genitals to compete.

“The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Michael Testa, compared genitalia checks to random drug tests that college athletes are subject to, and said he didn’t foresee any problems with irate parents accusing girls of being ‘transgender’.”

–‘Golfer is set to become the first transgender woman to win coveted Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour card after seeing-off competition at qualifier’,

RONNY REYES, DAILYMAIL (U.K.), 20 August 2022


“It was members of the LPGA themselves who in 2010 {foolishly} voted to remove the “female at birth” requirement to compete. Yes, the women in golf voted to open the sport to ‘trans women’ {men}.


–‘Hailey Davidson misses LPGA card cut, even as anti-trans voices scream ‘not fair’’,

Cyd Zeigler, OutSports, Aug. 22, 2022


See also:

Sabotaging Women’s Sports’ (‘Transgender’) {June 21, 2022}:

“Even when following IOC hormone-reduction guidelines, genetically male athletes are, on average, 40% heavier, 15% faster, 30% more powerful and 25-50% stronger than female athletes. It should therefore come as no surprise that injury to female athletes increases by 30% when genetically male competitors enter the sport.”


Another Man Wins Women’s Competition’ (Lia Thomas/Swimming) {Apr.10, 2022}:

Second is the new firstShe finished second place, but would have been first place if people had the courage to speak up about the injustice of a MAN competing against women.”

“The University of Virginia’s Emma Weyant was praised as the “real winner” after she came in second to biologically-male ‘transgender’ swimmer Lia Thomas in the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship 500 yard freestyle…”


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“Australia’s weightlifting chief says New Zealand’s selection of ‘transgender’ athlete Laurel Hubbard will create an uneven playing field at next year’s ‘Commonwealth Games’… The 39-year-old was a national junior record-holder in the male 105kg class before ‘transitioning’ in his mid-30s.”


A Man Is Still a Man: Political Correctness Meets Biological Reality

(MMA/Transgender) {Aug. 6, 2017}:

“I’ve never felt so overpowered, ever, in my life. Nothing can take away from the fact that you are physically a man. Mentally and emotionally, who knows — but physically, he’s a man.”


Just Not Fair’ (Transgender/Australia/Weightlifting) {June 23, 2017}:

“Hubbard, 39, began ‘transitioning’ in his 30s. Before that, he competed in weightlifting events as Gavin Hubbard. Despite the controversy, Olympic rules state Hubbard is within his right to compete {as a woman}.”


Undermining Fair Competition’ (Transgender/Wrestling) {April 11, 2017}:

“Beggs, who is ‘transitioning’ from female to male — but competing as a girl because of a University Interscholastic League rule — won gold….”



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