‘The ‘Black’ National Anthem’

“Kari Lake, the 2022 Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate, went viral for a photo taken of her ahead of 'Super Bowl LVII' as the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs prepared to play for the NFL championship. The pic shows Lake remaining seated during the playing of the so-called “‘black’ national anthem”, which has become … Continue reading ‘The ‘Black’ National Anthem’


‘Gender Lunacy Strikes Down Football Star’

“Greek soccer legend Vassilis Tsiartas has been given a 10-month suspended jail sentence after speaking out against child ‘gender reassignment’ surgeries.  “Tsiartas, who was a key part of the Greek national team’s underdog victory at the UEFA European Football Championship in 2004, was prosecuted under an “anti-racism” law {???}. The soccer star became the first … Continue reading ‘Gender Lunacy Strikes Down Football Star’

‘Man Tries To Join Women’s Golf Tour’

More of the lunacy that is killing women's sports... “Less than a week after missing out on advancing through Stage 1 of the LPGA Qualifying Tournament, golfer Hailey Davidson addressed the wave of backlash he received for his attempt to become the first ‘transgender woman’ to earn his tour card... “Davidson’s bid last week in … Continue reading ‘Man Tries To Join Women’s Golf Tour’

‘Day in the Life of a Fútbal Player…’

‘Day in the Life of a Fútbal Player…’  VIDEO:  ‘BEST FÚTBOL FLOPS’ Anwar Jibawi, Shots, Inc., Dec.15, 2022 https://youtu.be/U1quFqa0ftY See also: ‘Most Funny and Stupid Dives in Football’ https://youtu.be/3vqMQjIHxyQ?t=8 ‘Best/Worst Fake Soccer Injuries: Dives and Flops!’ https://youtu.be/bjyqCqiMc0M ‘Worst dive in football/soccer history, by Danko Lazovic’ https://youtu.be/asBM_ejRUxw ‘Legendary DIVES In Football’ https://youtu.be/plKQ0lNFakM ‘10 Unforgettable DIVES in … Continue reading ‘Day in the Life of a Fútbal Player…’

‘Hockey Canada Nixes Canadian Flag’

"WoW!!! I am SHOCKED! Hockey Canada has BANNED the Canadian Flag from being displayed at the "World Juniors" in Halifax. BANNED OUR NATIONAL FLAG!!! This group from McAdam, NB were denied the right to display their flag!!!!" https://twitter.com/KatSpeaksNB/status/1608915795962400771 “2023-WJHC - Our Halifax Flag Story… “Back in 2020, a group of 9 of us from McAdam, … Continue reading ‘Hockey Canada Nixes Canadian Flag’

‘Jim Thorpe Gets His Gold’

This is all heart-warming but does this mean that all those who violated their ‘amateur’ standing will be retroactively awarded their medals, or is this only reserved for ‘Indigenous’ (American Indian) violators of the Olympic Code? “Native American athlete Jim Thorpe was reinstated as the winner of the 1912 Olympic pentathlon and decathlon in Stockholm, … Continue reading ‘Jim Thorpe Gets His Gold’

‘Unfair Competitive Advantage’

"I'm not going to let Canada tell me what I do and don't put in my body." MLB should simply have forced the Blue Jays to continue playing in the U.S. until this nonsense was over... VIDEO: --‘Unvaccinated MLB star banned from playing in Canada, his response is FIRE’, BonginoReport, July 12, 2022 https://rumble.com/v1c1roh-unvaccinated-mlb-star-banned-from-playing-in-canada-his-response-is-fire.html Feature … Continue reading ‘Unfair Competitive Advantage’

‘Off The Deep End’

“Colin Kaepernick has called for the police to be abolished after a grand jury opted to bring no criminal charges against the police officers who shot dead Breonna Taylor while serving a "no-knock warrant" back in March...  “The verdict sparked demonstrations in Louisville, where two police officers were shot and sustained non-life-threatening injuries, and in … Continue reading ‘Off The Deep End’